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Crayton by Choice


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FIVE "A's"


My focus is on teaching and learning daily in the classroom, home, and community.  I will emphasize fiscal responsibility and seek alternative funding to lessen the burden on taxpayer dollars. 


Committed to improved:


Academics—use data-driven assessments to identify each student’s strengths and concerns and design curriculum and instruction to meet their individual needs and improve their academic achievement


Accountability—identify each stakeholder’s (student, staff, parents, community) roles and responsibilities, implement individual and collective tasks, and evaluate individual and group performance based on local, state, and federal standards and regulations


Advocacy—empower each stakeholder with leadership skills through training in teamwork, collaboration, parenting skills, academic skills, and consensus decision making for everyone to take personal responsibility for their own learning


Attendance—enforce attendance policies and provide incentives to reward students for attendance; encourage parental and community attendance and active participation in school activities; establish partnerships with feeder schools, businesses, faith-based organizations, social service, and local governments to create a community school


Attitude—transform the culture and environment to build positive relationships that increase morale and accountability for students, staff, parents, and community

We encourage anybody interested to participate in one of the events listed above!

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