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Crayton by Choice

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Welcome to the Crayton By Choice Website.  Let’s build a Legacy of Learning based on values, vision, and via.  We value learning and want our children to have a good education, good schools, and good communities.  My vision is that all residents in Proviso Township will earn an “A” grade for their efforts towards learning.  We can all earn that “A” grade via our mission of academics, accountability, advocacy, attendance, and attitude.  Our students are our future and “Together We Can Build A Legacy Of Learning” And Create “A Community Heart for the Love of Learning.”


I am a 12-year resident of Forest Park with over 30 years of experience as an educator.  I am a native Chicagoan and the third oldest of ten children from a family where education continues as a top priority.


I am an open and honest communicator with a genuine love and caring for all people.  My educational background, life experiences, and professional achievements equip me with an understanding of what it takes to educate a child in today’s society.  It is my belief that improved student achievement comes from engaged parents and children, highly qualified staff, and effective educational strategies and programs.  I am a team player who fully appreciates the importance of collaboration and consensus building.


As an independent candidate, my commitment is focused on what is best for all students, taxpayers, and citizens in Proviso Township.




My vision is to connect students, families, communities, and resources while working together to build a Legacy of Learning that improves student achievement and the quality of life for the learning community of Proviso Township.

Our Candidate




Candidate for Board Member, Proviso Township High Schools District 209


“Together We Can Build A Legacy Of Learning”

And Create

“A Community Heart for the Love of Learning”

CRAYTON BY CHOICE—An Independent Voice—For Better Schools
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